Let's Party!

Melange Mixeur is a fresh and sophisticated BYOB alternative to stale paint-and-sips. We provide our clients all of the tools, material and ingredients for them to have Melange host one of the Newest, Freshest, One-Of-A-Kind, Self-Care parties of THE YEAR !!! A mobile, unique, upscale BYOB experience that builds camaraderie, garners creativity and engages event guests through individually customizable, Do-It-Yourself formulations of premium bath, body, and home products.

From Bridal Showers, Sorority Mixers, Girls-Night-Out/In to Church Functions, Corporate Events and Baby Showers ... We'll host them all for You!! So let us mix up your next event and we'll have the whole party saying "Melange Made Me Do It !!"

How Party & Product Customization Works:

  1. YOU find the location (Your Place or Mine)

  2. YOU Determine how many people in your Party and Pick the Package Level (Basic, Upgrade, V.I.P.)

  3. YOU Pick the 2 Products your party makes from our option (1 product for Basic)

  4. YOU Add some Food and Drink

  5. YOU Pay the deposit to Book the Date and Time 

  6. WE Show up and Setup

  7. YOU ENJOY !!!

Your Party can:

  • Customize their Products: Scent, Color, Packaging 

  • Customize their Food: With Food or Dessert Charcuterie options

  • Customize their Drinks: With Bartesian or BYOB

  • Customize their Music: To create their own Vibe !!!

How to Book Melange Mixeur:

Just use the Contact Us page to get in touch with our team and we'll respond promptly. Be sure to leave your: Name, Contact #, Email, Number of Guest and the package you're interested in booking.

Don't see anything that speaks to you?

We are more than happy to work with you to design a custom V.I.P. package to suit your needs. Just use the Contact page to get in touch with our team and we'll respond promptly.


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